The most beautiful properties in the world with the best sales and marketing efforts are worthless unless they have the right number of qualified associates at the right time to provide an unforgettable customer experience. Despite this universal truth, many properties fail to plan or execute a talent acquisition strategy that delivers the most important ingredient, human resources. To further exacerbate the issue, economic development and rising consumer confidence are driving record growth in the hospitality industry. This makes talent acquisition and retaining qualified candidates in the hospitality industry a #1 priority.

Leading hospitality companies understand that in order to compete for the top talent, they need best-in-class talent acquisition and contingent workforce management solutions. At American Hospitality Talent Acquisition (AHTA), we’re inventing the next generation of talent acquisition by leveraging our industry leading expertise and talent acquisition subject matter experts. We bring strategy, talent, brainpower, experience and technology together to create best-in-class talent acquisition and complete workforce management solutions that start with the sourcing the right candidate and end with making the right hire.

AHTA offers holistic staffing solutions that are unique to the hospitality industry. These short, medium and long-term resolutions involve sourcing multiple channels of talent to fill the right number of qualified team members at the right time. These consistent and sustainable talent channels produce incredible bench strength for all levels, including entry level associates and mid to upper management roles. This program is also essential for succession planning.

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