AHTA is a talent acquisition membership organization for the hospitality industry.  This organization will have a shared vision of how best to attract the talent that is required to be successful.  This group will partner with its members to invent a holistic staffing solution that is focused solely on the hospitality industry.  By attacking the talent acquisition challenges as an industry (group) vs as an individual property, its members will recognize cost savings while improving the overall quantity and quality of your candidate pool. Our mission as a membership organization is to transform, adapt and continue to remain relevant to the members’ talent acquisition needs, while keeping you abreast of the latest trends and emerging technologies.

Some of the member benefits include:

  • In-depth analysis of your recruiting process to identify gaps and areas for improvement
  • Customized Talent Acquisition plan based off your demand and timeline
  • Customized Sourcing Strategy
  • Career Portal Management (Full ATS capability at a minimal investment)
  • Access to shared skilled labor through a property to property rotational program
  • Access to a network of similar resorts
  • Executive Leadership Roundtable
  • Monthly TA Best Practice Calls (set topic schedule off membership feedback)
  • 1 pass to 2020 Hospitality TA Symposium/Roundtable ($850 Value)
  • Discounted passes to 2020 Hospitality TA Symposium/Roundtable ($250)
  • 2 memberships to Hospitality TA Recruiter Connection
  • Digital Membership Directory
  • Survey Results on important Hospitality TA issues and trends

Membership to the AHTA Group requires a minimal annual investment. Annual dues are based on the number of properties leveraging the benefits. Please call 888-AHTA-RPO for investment details.