Pooled Resources Program

AHTA hosts a network of like-minded resorts and hotels interested in creating job opportunities for their employees during “the off-season.” If your employer is an AHTA member, then you’re invited to apply for our Seasonal Job Pool.

We understand the challenges of being a seasonal employee, and we’d like to eliminate the stress of an annual, waning job term. Join our Pooled Resource Program and create a 12-month work calendar that suits you.

That means no more settling for whatever pays your bills between work terms; secure a relevant position that will augment your hospitality career.

So…where are you headed at the end of the season?

How It Works

AHTA has relationships with hotels and resorts across the country. We’ll team with property managers to review your qualifications and identify where your skill set would be a good fit during your current position’s “off season.” Then we’ll build a rotational schedule that ensures you’ve got a viable position – in approved locations – for every part of the year. You could spend summers grilling in Great Falls and winters simmering in Savannah.

No Poaching

This program is built around your current position; we look for other seasonal jobs to fill the rest of your schedule and supplement your employment. This is a team effort involving the consent and cooperation of all our hospitality members, including your employer.


To determine whether you’re a candidate for our Pooled Resource Program, just complete our brief online application. Be sure to upload your resume at the end (MS Word format preferred).

We’ll confirm that you meet the pre-qualifications and then contact you with next steps.

There’s no cost and no commitment. Submit your resume today and bring more stability to your career, your calendar, and your life.

Questions? Email them to: [email protected]

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